#7 Israel: Excerpt

Open approach: Tough Cookie works the ledges near the summit of Mt. Israel.

Janelle tosses a handful of trailmix to the wind. She’s barefoot and looks small at the summit, nearly the same size as the cairn marking the top. She pauses for a moment, head down, then scampers back to her lunch.

Catching my eye, she shrugs.

“It’s for grandpa.”

I shake my head, not understanding.

“When I make an offering to the mountain Gods, I ask them to keep grandpa safe.”

I open my mouth, but nothing comes out.

“What?” she asks. “I do that on every mountain. I think he’d be proud of me for doing this.”

There’s no piety or religious fervor in her voice or in this action. It’s just a thing she does, a way of keeping her grandfather alive in her memory, of taking him with her to these places.

I squeeze her shoulder. “He would be,” is all manage to say.

Mt. Israel (7/22/12)

Height: 2,630 feet

Location: Near Center Sandwich, 1-93 exit 24, Rts 3 and 25 to Rte 113 to Grove Street North to Diamond Ledge Road

Our trailhead: Wentworth Trail, up and back

Distance: 4.2 miles round trip

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4 thoughts on “#7 Israel: Excerpt

  1. Beautiful vignette.

  2. Janelle, Grandpa never hiked, that I know of, but he would be very proud of you for pursuing this passion (and would be reminding you to Be careful! Safety first! Watch your fingers ! and, not so close to the edge!)

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