#8 Pemigewasset: Excerpt

Tunnel trail: The trail takes us under the I-93.

We step off trail for a moment to let a huge group of hikers pass us by, heading up. There are half a dozen kids Janelle’s age, a couple little ones and three adults. None of them have water. None of them have a pack. One adult is carrying a two-year-old in his arms.

I keep my mouth shut. The trail is not long, it’s still early in the day and there are many hikers around. It’s foolish to have nothing, but they should be fine today.

Tired, and thirsty, but fine.

One of the adults asks me how far to the top, and I’m honest. I tell them it’s still a mile and the real climbing is yet to come.

He seems crestfallen. “The last guy said we were almost there,” he sort of whines.

“He lied,” I say pleasantly.

Mt. Pemigewasset (7/29/12)

Height: 2,557 feet

Location: Franconia Notch, I-93 exit 34A to Rte. 3 north to Flume Visitor Center

Our trailhead: Whitehouse Trail (Notch paved path) to Mt. Pemigawasset Trail, up and back

Distance: 3.6 miiles round trip

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5 thoughts on “#8 Pemigewasset: Excerpt

  1. nancy

    I have heard similar stories of lalaland hikers …. sad & scary!

    I soooooo love this picture of The Girl!!

  2. Hi Nancy, unfortunately we see this all the time. Part of our hope with the book is to provide newbie hikers with a list of hikes that, with just a little preparation, can be done by pretty much anyone. Still, at least they ought to bring some water 😦

  3. SDR106

    We’ve seen a bit of this also in N.H.. That’s why we always carry a little extra food and water, you never know if you’ll run into folks in need.

  4. That’s true Scott and a nice way to be prepared. Course, the folks need to realize they are in need first! LOL

  5. tom crissinger

    Always keep in sight where you are.
    You recall fond memories for me.
    I feel like your playing in my yard.

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