#9 Hedgehog: Excerpt

Peace: Tough Cookie tries to teach Buffalo the yoga Tree Pose near the summit of Mt. Hedgehog.

“Really,” Janelle says, “all we’re going to need is some mole skin, tape and a little luck!”

We are discussing her ongoing battle with what I call beginner’s hiking feet.

Blisters, corns, cuts, bruises, scratches: you name it. Since we started this journey, she’s had them all. At first, it caused her pain. Then it annoyed her. Now, she muscles through it, seasoned and not caring.

In fact, the night before we were to head up Mt. Hedgehog, she casually mentioned that she “banged” her foot playing at the pool. I was horrified to discover a quarter-size lesion, half brush-burn, half bruise, on the front of her ankle. “Janelle, my gosh!” I said.

She only shrugged and commanded, “Just tape it up, Dan!”

Mt. Hedgehog (8/7/12)

Height: 2,532 feet

Location: I-93 exit 32 to Route 112 (The Kanc). About 20 miles east to Downes Brook Trailhead parking area.

Our trailhead: U.N.H. Trail loop (Warning: a section of the eastern part of the loop has been relocated and the sign at the loop junction is confusing.)

Distance: 4.8 miles round trip

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6 thoughts on “#9 Hedgehog: Excerpt

  1. Nancy C

    Can we say “determined”??? lol

  2. Jackie V

    Janelle, you are becoming a seasoned hiker like Meena and Dan! Good for you! Sr. Jacqueline

    • Hi Sister Jackie, I’ll pass your kind words on to Janelle. She’ll be thrilled by the comparison, though to be honest she’ll be beating us up the trail in no time!

  3. SDR106

    Living up to her trail name Dan!

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