#4 Black (Benton): Excerpt

Summit joy!

Soon, we break out onto the glorious summit ledge, which extends a good 100 feet in every direction, and faces the unique western side of Mt. Moosilauke. We explore a little, trying to find all the remaining metal pegs of the old fire tower that used to grace the summit, then settle back for a well-earned picnic of raspberry tea, apples, cheese sticks and PB&Js.

We’re thrilled when hiker The Feathered Hat (a fellow hiker from one of the online hiking forums) and his two large pups come up to join us. They are the only mammals we’ll see on the trail until nearly the end of our day.

Polly the dog immediately joins our picnic and gives Janelle’s well-crafted and delicious sandwiches her stamp of approval by pulling one right out of the baggy and gobbling it up in two bites.

Black Mountain (Benton): (4/1/12)

Height: 2,830 feet

Location: Located in Benton, I-93 north to exit 32 , to  Route 112 west, to  Route 116 west to  Lyme Kiln Road

Our trailhead: The Chippewa Tail, up and back (Warning: Lyme Kiln Road would be difficult in wet or winter weather.)

Distance: 3.4 miles round trip

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2 thoughts on “#4 Black (Benton): Excerpt

  1. Nancy C

    It’s so nice of you & Janelle to share your picnic!! lol
    I LOVE this picture! It’s my new work computer’s wallpaper!

    • That’s awesome Nancy! Getting to a summit like this one just makes us happy, and we’re happy to share that with you. And don’t worry, we had plenty of food to go around 🙂

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