#12 Cardigan: Excerpt

Giant cairns near the summit

The mountain glimmers in the ever-changing sunlight.

We tuck in under the stairs of Cardigan’s old fire tower to get out of the wind and settle back to people watch. The summit is busy this day.

A group of girls not much older than Janelle from a nearby camp is getting ready to leave, giggly and excited. One of them gives us a Hershey bar. A dad takes pictures of his daughter on a ledge; she wears a brightly colored tie-dye and twirls in the sun. Two dogs, a black poofy poodle and a tan and white terrier, run circles in a summit puddle, around and around, until water flies off them with every shake and soon they have everyone at the summit laughing. An older man with an ancient wide-brimmed hat and a canvas canteen stands back away from the crowd, looking off into the distance, smiling.

And so we lean our heads back against the weather-beaten concrete foundation and eat yogurt raisins and let time roll by, not a care in the world.

Mt. Cardigan (8/16/12)

Height: 3,155 feet

Location: Cardigan State Park can be reached from several different directions. We climbed from the West Side, near Orange. Follow Cardigan Mountain Road to the parking area. Restrooms and maps available at the picnic area. (Warning: Services are unavailable during winter, and I assume, the mountain road is not maintained.)

Our trailhead: West Ridge Trail, up and back

Distance: 3 miles round trip

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3 thoughts on “#12 Cardigan: Excerpt

  1. Nancy

    Wow … just, wow ….

  2. SDR106

    Awesome, We’ll be heading up Cardigan on October 19th with the AMC! Looks like a great summit.

  3. Thanks Nancy, and Scott, it’s a great summit; open and not too difficult. You’ll have a blast!

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