End of summer hiking marathon begins Sunday! Help us reach our goal!

We’re looking for your help to spread the word about The Adventures of Buffalo and Tough Cookie!

An open letter to all our friends and supporters,

Between Sunday, Aug. 19 and Friday, Aug. 24 Janelle and Dan will set off on an end-of-summer hiking marathon in an attempt to bring our total peaks attained list up to 20. That’s 8 mountains in what will amount to 5 days of hiking!

Buffalo and Tough Cookie are ready and can’t wait to get at, and the weather seems to be cooperating as well.

Plus, over the next few days we’ll have a number of friends and family out there on the slopes with us. Even Janelle’s brother Aaron will be joining us for a jaunt up Blueberry Mountain on Sunday.

In the next week we’ll be able to post a few pictures, but our connections will be spotty at best. Once we return, we’ll of course get back into our regular series of excerpts and pictures.

But, while we’re gone, we’re asking for your help. Our followers are growing every day, and we love your support! Janelle and Dan read all your messages together. As of today, we have 37 amazing people following our adventures. Can you help us get that number up to 50?

We hope you can tell any friends and family who might have an interest to sign on. It’s free! It’s easy! And there’s no junk mail! Pass the word on other social media. Soon, once our numbers get a little higher, we’ll have follower-exclusive contests and other fun.

So, what do you say gang? Can you help us get to 50! See you next week, and keep on hiking!

B & TC

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12 thoughts on “End of summer hiking marathon begins Sunday! Help us reach our goal!

  1. WHOO HOO!!! Up to 46 with the addition of Tom, who just added himself … Four more??? Off to post on Facebook & my blog ….
    Oh – and by the way? GOOD LUCK!!! Eight in 5???? You all ROCK!!!!!

  2. Paul

    You are an unbelievable young lady and I’m proud you are who you are

  3. Susan

    You go Tough Cookie and Buffalo!!! Conquer those mountain peaks, Jesus is there with you and through His strength you can do anything!! I will be praying for you and don’t forget to pray too ❤

  4. Raymond

    I’m a flatlander, myself, but you go reach those peaks.

  5. Rita

    What a wonderful adventure!!! I’m sure you’re having a blast.

  6. Nancy sent me over. I’ll follow along with you.

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