Getting ready for the toughest challenge of our hiking marathon!

What an amazing three days it’s been! Janelle has hiked nearly fourteen miles and we’ve reached the summits of four new mountains. On Wednesday, we will attempt our longest hike yet, more than 7 miles, as Janelle attempts to summit two more tall ones, including the highest mountain on her list. Sandwich Mountain is just under 4,000 feet!
So far she’s been very strong despite persistent blister issues. Yesterday she sleep for 12 hours, but woke up today rarin’ to go!
She’s looking forward to this new challenge Wednesday and says thanks for all the support. We’re thrilled by the number of new followers. Thank you!
In fact, even after all that hiking, she wanted to take a dip in Burns Pond as the sun set. As it turned out she spent most of the time relaxing on the floating dock. That’s tonight’s picture.
Peace, and onward we go!
B and TC

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4 thoughts on “Getting ready for the toughest challenge of our hiking marathon!

  1. nancy

    Love this picture !!! I bet that water felt heavenly after today’s hike!
    TC, girl, you are phenomenal! We KNOW you will succeed this week!
    Love, love, LOVE you!!
    Uncle Tom & me

  2. Emma

    Oh, this makes me wish that I were there with you! So peaceful but, bet that water might have been a bit cold. I just know that you will succeed this week too…….

  3. Aunt Margie

    Way to go Janelle!!! You are one tough girl. You are wonderful to proceed with the blisters and other uncomfortable things. We all are so proud of you. I wish I was with you but I am in spirit. All my love Aunt Margie

  4. Thank you all for your support! Janelle wanted me to mention that the water was much warmer than you would think, though it did hurt her blisters. That didn’t keep her from going in though!

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