We’re back (temporarily) from our week-long hiking blitz. Hello to all our new followers!

After four days of hiking, Tough Cookie is still grinning atop her highest peak, 3,910 foot Mt. Webster.

After four straight days of hiking, here are some numbers to consider. Janelle hiked over 18 miles to summit 5 mountains. Two of those summits – Webster at 3,910 feet and Martha (Cherry Mtn.) at 3,573 – sit at numbers 2 and 8, respectively, on our 52WAV list!

This brings our total up to 17. Tomorrow, we will go up once again, this time with Meena, and go after Mt. Shaw or Mt. Roberts, in a quick morning hike.

We’re a little behind schedule, but nothing to worry about yet. (We had hoped to finish our summer with 20.) Janelle is getting stronger with every hike and I’m confident we’ll be able to catch up in the fall as the leaves turn and the weather becomes cooler and perfect for hiking!

We were thrilled to get home to discover so many new followers. Janelle and I read every comment together and we love hearing from you all. Beginning later today and then going forward, I hope to get back to our daily excerpts and pictures.

Until then, thank you again, and peace! Onward!

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8 thoughts on “We’re back (temporarily) from our week-long hiking blitz. Hello to all our new followers!

  1. nancy

    Hey, you’re not allowed to stop, even temporarily!! (lol) Hope all’s good … can’t wait to see pictures!

  2. Looks like it was a great, and successful, trip!

  3. Aunt Margie

    Janelle looks terrific. Keep up the good work. Waiting anxiously for each new post.

  4. Emma

    That smile says it all! I am sure that you both need a little rest…..what a terrific job you have done and I know there are more hikes ahead.


  5. Thanks Emma. The day off has done us both some good, we’re recharging our batteries and it’s off again tomorrow! Gives us a chance to do some laundry as well!

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