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#13 Blueberry: Excerpt

Nothing to do but pick when you’re on Blueberry Mountain.

We are awash in blueberry bushes.

Blueberry Mountain lives up to its name; thousands of bushes in every direction, as far as the eye can see. We walk though slight paths along the ledges, carved between and around blueberry patches. To our east, Moosilauke rises up, a monstrous shadow against our pretty little mountain.

Being here is a comforting respite after a disappointing start when Aaron, Janelle’s brother, became sick at the trailhead and Meena had to take him home. Today was to have been the first time we would have hiked with my wife and Janelle’s brother. But here we were on our own; sad at the change of plans, but happy to once again be together, walking above the trees. And this time we had blueberries!

Or so it seemed.

Blueberry Mountain (8/19/12)

Height: 2,662 feet

Location: Glencliff, N.H., I-93 to exit 26 to Route 25 north to High Street north to North-South Road which becomes Long Pond Road. (Warning: Long Pond Road is rough in spots and may be impassable during winter.)

Our trailhead: Blueberry Mountain Trail, up and back. (Trailhead warning: At the time of this writing, there is massive logging going on at the dirt road where the parking area to the trail is located. There are no signs of any sort to indicate this is the road that leads to Blueberry Mountain Trail. You can only find the trailhead by triangulating your location based on other nearby, signed, trailheads.)

Distance: 3.4 miles round trip

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We’re back (temporarily) from our week-long hiking blitz. Hello to all our new followers!

After four days of hiking, Tough Cookie is still grinning atop her highest peak, 3,910 foot Mt. Webster.

After four straight days of hiking, here are some numbers to consider. Janelle hiked over 18 miles to summit 5 mountains. Two of those summits – Webster at 3,910 feet and Martha (Cherry Mtn.) at 3,573 – sit at numbers 2 and 8, respectively, on our 52WAV list!

This brings our total up to 17. Tomorrow, we will go up once again, this time with Meena, and go after Mt. Shaw or Mt. Roberts, in a quick morning hike.

We’re a little behind schedule, but nothing to worry about yet. (We had hoped to finish our summer with 20.) Janelle is getting stronger with every hike and I’m confident we’ll be able to catch up in the fall as the leaves turn and the weather becomes cooler and perfect for hiking!

We were thrilled to get home to discover so many new followers. Janelle and I read every comment together and we love hearing from you all. Beginning later today and then going forward, I hope to get back to our daily excerpts and pictures.

Until then, thank you again, and peace! Onward!

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Getting ready for the toughest challenge of our hiking marathon!

What an amazing three days it’s been! Janelle has hiked nearly fourteen miles and we’ve reached the summits of four new mountains. On Wednesday, we will attempt our longest hike yet, more than 7 miles, as Janelle attempts to summit two more tall ones, including the highest mountain on her list. Sandwich Mountain is just under 4,000 feet!
So far she’s been very strong despite persistent blister issues. Yesterday she sleep for 12 hours, but woke up today rarin’ to go!
She’s looking forward to this new challenge Wednesday and says thanks for all the support. We’re thrilled by the number of new followers. Thank you!
In fact, even after all that hiking, she wanted to take a dip in Burns Pond as the sun set. As it turned out she spent most of the time relaxing on the floating dock. That’s tonight’s picture.
Peace, and onward we go!
B and TC

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End of summer hiking marathon begins Sunday! Help us reach our goal!

We’re looking for your help to spread the word about The Adventures of Buffalo and Tough Cookie!

An open letter to all our friends and supporters,

Between Sunday, Aug. 19 and Friday, Aug. 24 Janelle and Dan will set off on an end-of-summer hiking marathon in an attempt to bring our total peaks attained list up to 20. That’s 8 mountains in what will amount to 5 days of hiking!

Buffalo and Tough Cookie are ready and can’t wait to get at, and the weather seems to be cooperating as well.

Plus, over the next few days we’ll have a number of friends and family out there on the slopes with us. Even Janelle’s brother Aaron will be joining us for a jaunt up Blueberry Mountain on Sunday.

In the next week we’ll be able to post a few pictures, but our connections will be spotty at best. Once we return, we’ll of course get back into our regular series of excerpts and pictures.

But, while we’re gone, we’re asking for your help. Our followers are growing every day, and we love your support! Janelle and Dan read all your messages together. As of today, we have 37 amazing people following our adventures. Can you help us get that number up to 50?

We hope you can tell any friends and family who might have an interest to sign on. It’s free! It’s easy! And there’s no junk mail! Pass the word on other social media. Soon, once our numbers get a little higher, we’ll have follower-exclusive contests and other fun.

So, what do you say gang? Can you help us get to 50! See you next week, and keep on hiking!

B & TC

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#12 Cardigan: Excerpt

Giant cairns near the summit

The mountain glimmers in the ever-changing sunlight.

We tuck in under the stairs of Cardigan’s old fire tower to get out of the wind and settle back to people watch. The summit is busy this day.

A group of girls not much older than Janelle from a nearby camp is getting ready to leave, giggly and excited. One of them gives us a Hershey bar. A dad takes pictures of his daughter on a ledge; she wears a brightly colored tie-dye and twirls in the sun. Two dogs, a black poofy poodle and a tan and white terrier, run circles in a summit puddle, around and around, until water flies off them with every shake and soon they have everyone at the summit laughing. An older man with an ancient wide-brimmed hat and a canvas canteen stands back away from the crowd, looking off into the distance, smiling.

And so we lean our heads back against the weather-beaten concrete foundation and eat yogurt raisins and let time roll by, not a care in the world.

Mt. Cardigan (8/16/12)

Height: 3,155 feet

Location: Cardigan State Park can be reached from several different directions. We climbed from the West Side, near Orange. Follow Cardigan Mountain Road to the parking area. Restrooms and maps available at the picnic area. (Warning: Services are unavailable during winter, and I assume, the mountain road is not maintained.)

Our trailhead: West Ridge Trail, up and back

Distance: 3 miles round trip

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