Back from our Labor Day hiking, excerpts and photos will soon follow!

Working the ledges near the summit of North Percy Mountain.

We returned yesterday, tired but satisfied after four mountains in four days over the long Labor Day weekend. The numbers are pretty solid. We now have 22 mountains on the list under our belt. This past weekend, we hiked four more – Success, Megalloway, Sugarloaf Groveton and North Percy. Total miles this stretch came to about 19, a solid effort by Tough Cookie who really had to gut out the last hike.

First of all, welcome to all our new followers. We’re so pleased you decided to join us! If you like what you see and read, please tell your friends and family. Once we reach 100 followers, we’ll offer up some contests and other follower-exclusive fun and games! And don’t hesitate to leave comments and tell us what you like (and yes, what you don’t).

Starting tomorrow, we’ll begin a run of four new excerpts from our latest trip. Some upcoming new features on our site will be a gallery we’re calling Flora, Fauna and Fun which will feature pictures of some of the many plants, animals and weird things we’ve seen since starting this journey. Also, Janelle continues to work on her own journals and we’ll post some of those soon.

In the meantime, we hope you all have been enjoying following along as much as we’ve enjoyed sharing this adventure with you. Thanks for the kind support and keep on hiking!

Peace, B & TC

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5 thoughts on “Back from our Labor Day hiking, excerpts and photos will soon follow!

  1. Nancy

    I LOVE following along on this – have no doubt!! As I sit here, slug that I am, reading about your hikes – especially these monsters of late – I wish every day I were there!! And every day, I’m a bit more proud of Janelle!

  2. I’m really enjoying your adventures.

  3. Emma

    I look forward to each and every one of your writings……Janelle is having an adventure that dreams are made of…….and, I thank you for helping her achieve all of this. I am proud of her and love her determination.


  4. Aunt Margie

    It’s wonderful to follow along on your and Janelle’s adventures. Let Janelle know that she is our hero and her adventures will be recorded in our family’s genealogy record. Love her determination and strength.

  5. Thank you all for your kind wishes! Janelle had a great weekend over Labor Day, but struggled a little on the last day. She did fine in the end and it was a great hike, but she’s pretty tired this week! Onward!

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