#20 Megalloway: Excerpt

Tough Cookie takes advantage of the wonderful views from Mt. Megalloway’s fire tower.

It appears the whole West Side of greater Manchester is at the summit of Mt. Megalloway.

There are people here from Goffstown, Bedford and New Boston. Mainly, there are people, dozens of them. We didn’t expect to see anyone, except maybe moose, at this most distant of 52WAV’er mountains. Megalloway is only a short skip and a jump from Canada and to get there we had to drive down nearly ten miles of logging roads. And yet, here we are, with the masses.

It’s awesome. It’s like a party. Families with little ones crawl like ants over and up the tall fire tower. The various viewpoints are stacked with people waiting to get a glimpse of the amazing Great North Woods. Dogs trot this was and that playfully. Picnic tables overflow with baskets of lunchables.

We hike down a ways to a viewing bench overlooking a cliff, and when our turn comes, we break out our own lunch of salami, juice and carrots and eat while humming birds buzz in the trees around us.

I don’t use this word lightly, but all of us are feeling it: Megalloway is magical.

Mt. Megalloway (9/1/12)

Height: 3,383 feet

Location: Pittsburg, I-93 to exit 41 to Route 116 north to Route 3 north (go really north, past Pittsburg town center to near mile marker 235) to  Magalloway Road for 5.3 miles to access road for 3.1 miles to base of mountain.

Our trailhead: Coot Trail, up and back. (Warning: Megalloway Road may be closed or unmaintained in winter.)

Distance: 2 miles, round trip (slightly more if you decide to take Bobcat Trail one way, or explore summit look-outs).

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2 thoughts on “#20 Megalloway: Excerpt

  1. Patti Chappell

    I’ve followed your blog for awhile now and I really enjoy the way you write. It’s cool that you’re hiking with Janelle now, I did the 4000 footers with my son as a teenager (10 years ago!), so it’s great to see others getting kids out there. I’m working on the 52 WAV list myself (up to #26) so I’m enjoying these excerpts and will enjoy the book when it comes out. Congrats to Janelle for coming so far! But my question goes back to EKP! I followed yours and Meena’s story through all the chapters, as that’s what sucked me into your delightful blog, but I never read the last chapter. I feel like you and Meena are still stuck in Lukla! Did you ever drop the last chapter of EKP and I missed it? That was one of the best reads about trekking in Nepal that I’ve ever read. Will you ever finish that? Just askin’!

  2. Patti, thank you so much for the kind words and the support! I’m really glad you found this new project and good luck with the remainder of your own 52er list. Congrats on your son reaching the 4,000 footers. I hope Janelle will have an interest in that someday. If you are ever interested, come join us on a hike!
    As for The Nepal Chronicles, you’re in luck! In October, on the anniversary of our reaching Kala Patthar, I am going to re-release the whole travelogue, edited and with the completed chapters and a new introduction. Look for an announcement about that in the weeks ahead. Thanks again!

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