#23 Tremont: Excerpt

Tearing up the trail through a birch forest.

Janelle and I love hiking with others. No, we’re not sick of each other!

When our friends and family come with us to support this journey, the hike becomes richer and more expressive. Plus, it’s sort of a way for Janelle to show off. Tough Cookie has come so far in just a few months; physically, sure. But when her head is in a hike, when she’s in the moment and wishes to be nowhere but in the mountains, she can be unstoppable.

That was the case Saturday as our friends Peter and Elizabeth (trail names Alvin the Swede and Inchworm) join us for a wet and wild hike up Mt. Tremont, a little known summit south of Crawford Notch near the Sawyer Ponds.

Tough Cookie is in high form, bouncing up the trail, engaged, funny. In quieter moments now, as she kneels down to study a deep purple fungus or lets the wind at a summit tear through her already wild hair, I can see shadows of the outdoors woman she might become; perhaps a hut croo member, an environmentalist, a thru-hiker? Those moments are still fleeting as she’s young and it’s unclear what the real impact of these adventures will be.

Perhaps her high mood is just that of a hiker, still a child, enjoying the company of friends, being the center of attention, showing us that she knows the names of clouds or can identify a mushroom or two.

Either way, time goes by as it always does in the mountains and together we all laugh and slip in the mud and tell stories and the day rolls on.

Mt. Tremont (9/8/12)

Height: 3,371 feet

Location: South of Crawford Notch,  I-93 to Exit 35 to Route 3 north to Route 302 through Crawford Notch.

Our trailhead: Mount Tremont Trail up and back.

Distance: 5.6 miles round trip.

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2 thoughts on “#23 Tremont: Excerpt

  1. Aunt Margie

    It’s wonderful to follow Janelle thru her progress of the climbs. I look forward to hearing about her. She is an inspiration for all ages.

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