#24 Cube: Excerpt

The north ledges of Mt. Cube provide wide views toward Mt. Moosilauke.

“Dan and Janelle!” Someone is shouting our names.

Two hikers emerge onto the summit of Mt. Cube where we are having lunch. One of them clearly knows us. There is always something a bit disconcerting about being recognized by someone you don’t know, but years in journalism and writing have made me somewhat familiar with the experience. But this is the first time such a thing happens to Janelle. I’m curious how she’ll react.

Patti is a long time follower of The Nepal Chronicles and switched to following us here when The Adventures began. She recognizes us through photos on our site. And before long, they are no longer strangers. Patti is working on her 52WAV list as well. And years ago, she had hiked all the 4,000 footers with her son.

Janelle is quiet at first, but begins to open up after a while. She’s not a girl who makes friends quickly, the consequences perhaps of years of geographic uncertainly, of being moved around a lot, of not knowing how long any current situation will last. I stay close to her, gauging her reactions and level of comfort, but she seems fine.

After, we sit on the mountain’s magnificent north ledges which look out over the giant bulk of Mt. Moosilauke and Blueberry Mountain, and the day is warm and bright and neither of us say anything for a while. Then, she chirps, “Well, that was weird.”

My heart sinks a little, but she notices my distress and quickly adds, “But good weird! Really good! They seem like really nice people.”

“You’re not just saying that?” I ask.

She shakes her head, smiles and hands me a brownie.

Mt. Cube (9/11/12)

Height: 2,909 feet

Location: Near Lyme, I-93 north to Exit 26 to Route 25 west to Route 25A west to Baker Road.

Our trailhead: Cross-Rivendell Trail up and back, with side trip to north ledges.

Distance: 5 miles round trip.

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8 thoughts on “#24 Cube: Excerpt

  1. Nancy

    Too funny … I can just see Janelle’s face!! Ask her about her encounter with the girl down the street from us last year – if she needs reminded of what I’m talking about, mention ‘hot concrete’.

  2. Emma

    Oh, yes, Janelle had quite an interesting encounter last year when they were visiting us. I can just see her face when these strangers approached you on the mountain.


  3. Ralph

    Too funny! Kids sometimes make us feel naive sometimes…

  4. Thanks Nancy and Emma, I’ll check out the story 🙂 And yes, Ralph, sometimes, they are way ahead of us!

  5. Aunt Margie

    It’s always feels strange when someone seems to know you and you don’t know them. One of the perks of getting famous. Glad Janelle made the acquaintance of Pattie. I am sure that she made on good impression on Pattie and that this was another expansion of her adventures.

  6. tom hartwell

    I enjoyed meeting Dan and Janelle on our wonderful hike with my dear friend and cherished hiking partner , Patti last tuesday..I have joined as a follower.

    • Hi Tom, Janelle and I were thrilled to meet you as well! It’s always nice to make new hiker friends. Thanks for becoming a follower and let’s go hiking some time!

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