# 25 & #26 Jennings and Sandwich Dome: Excerpt

Tough Cookie meets Park Ranger Dylan.

At the summit of Sandwich Dome we meet our very first Park Ranger, a kind and enthusiastic young woman named Dylan. Her job for the day has been checking on the expansion of campsites on the ridge to determine erosion and if the use is harming the beautiful Sandwich Dome ridge.

She’s excited to see a ten-year-old up here, and I’m impressed by her engagement, maintaining a level of enthusiasm while at the same time checking to see how Janelle’s feeling, where we’re heading, what sort of food we have.

“I just finished some awesome lentil soup,” she says to Janelle. “What are you eating for lunch?” That sort of thing.

When she learns this is peak number 26 for Janelle, half way through the list, her eyes get wide. “That’s so great, congrats,” she says.

I take a picture of her with Janelle, and wonder if perhaps my hiking partner is just a younger version of this ranger. Tough Cookie certainly has the interest and mind-set for a life in the woods, but really, I haven’t a clue. On an earlier hike, Janelle mentioned that she wanted to be a dentist. That would be fine as well.

So for now, we are half way through this journey, still strong, still moving forward, still excited about what’s around the next corner. And now that autumn is upon us, a different sort of forest awaits. But we will march on, figuring out each other as much as exploring these mountains, and watch the leaves turn color and feel the air become brisk.

Half way there friends. Thank you so much for your support and kind words. Hike on!

Jennings Peak and Sandwich Dome (9/15/12)

Heights: 3,460 & 3,980 feet

Location: Waterville Valley, I-93 north to Exit 28 to Route 49 toward Waterville Valley.

Our trailhead: Sandwich Mountain Trail with side trip to Jennings Spur, return trip down Drake’s Brook Trail.

Distance: 8.5 miles round trip.

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6 thoughts on “# 25 & #26 Jennings and Sandwich Dome: Excerpt

  1. Nancy

    It will indeed be interesting to watch the future influences of all of this adventure! What a wonderful ‘core’ experience!

  2. Thanks Nancy, great to see you the other day, we love the support!

  3. SDR106

    Very cool. The view of the dome is awesome from the valley.

    • Hi Scott. Yeah, we’ve looked at Sandwich Dome a couple times over our journey – on Welch-Dickey, from Israel – and it’s always called us. We just needed to work Janelle up to the miles!

  4. Aunt Margie

    Janelle, keep up the great work. Glad that you are meeting others. I am sure they all have a story to tell after about the terrific 10 year old they met on the mountain.

    • Hi Margie, most folks are thrilled to see a ten-year-old out there testing herself, enjoying nature, etc. We have yet to run into any doubters!

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