Buffalo and Tough Cookie are on the radio, Thursday Sept. 20 on WNHN Concord 94.7

Thank you all for you support! Half way there!

Janelle and I are excited and slightly terrified to announce that we’ve been asked to come on the Concord FM radio show, Granite State of Mind, to talk about the book and hiking.

We think we’ll be on the show live sometime between 9-9:30 pm, Thursday, September 20. That’s today! Did I mention that the show is LIVE?

The good news for all you folks who don’t live in Greater Concord is that Granite State of Mind is live streaming so you’ll be able to hear all our fumbles, foibles and mispronunciations from where ever you may be.

If you’d like to listen, tune in around 9 p.m. Click on this link, choose the media player to stream, and listen in: Granite State of Mind

Meanwhile, this weekend we’ll head up to Evans Notch (the unknown notch) to begin the second half of our 52WAV journey. We hope to tag at least three, perhaps four summits over two days!

With autumn here, the mountains will look beautiful, though we’ll have to start bundling up as well. Pictures will of course follow!

Finally, we love the support, comments and interest that you all have shown. It means a lot to us. We’d love to get our followers up to 100. Help us reach our goal, and we’ll begin to have fun contests and trivia. Until then, peace and keep hiking!

B and TC

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5 thoughts on “Buffalo and Tough Cookie are on the radio, Thursday Sept. 20 on WNHN Concord 94.7

  1. Aunt Margie

    OH!!! WOW!!!! You guys are really getting famous. Congradulations for being asked to talk on the radio show. Proud of you both.

  2. Nancy

    You 2 will be GREAT tonight!!! We will be listening, for sure!

  3. Madeleine Monat

    Best of luck to you both. Will try to listen on my computer.

  4. Rupa

    Congratulations Buffalo & Tough Cookie

  5. Thanks everyone. We had a great time! Looking forward to more!

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