Great time on the radio with Rob and Dave!

Many thanks to Rob and Dave of Granite State of Mind, the great radio show out of Concord on WNHN 94.7. We were thrilled to stop by and chat about the book and hiking and all sorts of things. The boys gave us a tour of studio and basically treated Janelle like a Princess.

We certainly encourage all our followers to tune in each Thursday for news and blues about what’s happening around New Hampshire. If you are unable to stream the show live, then wait a day or two and listen in to their podcast.

For now, here is a link to the podcast of our show. Check it out and listen in and join us for our very first radio show. We had a blast! Thanks again guys!

Here’s a link to the radio station site: NH News and Blues

Here’s our link to an MP3 of the podcast: Granite State of Mind Sept. 20 show

Janelle all mic’d in and ready to go!

Dave and Rob hanging out with the princess of the studio.

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3 thoughts on “Great time on the radio with Rob and Dave!

  1. SDR106

    Tough Cookie, don’t forget to count the ‘Fairy Holes’ too (chipmunk holes). Also, Mount Monadnock is our favorite mountain. Great job!

  2. We hope we can climb Monadnock again Scott, maybe with you guys!

  3. SDR106

    Would love too.

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