Guess our miles and win fabulous prizes!

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Well, here comes winter. Or a nor’easter. Or something the weather geeks are calling a Frankenstorm! No matter, Janelle and I are still heading north this weekend in the hope of ticking four more major summits off our list and getting us that much closer to finishing. Despite the impending Storm To End All Storms, the weather looks pretty good for Saturday and not bad for Sunday.

If all goes well, by Sunday evening we should only have seven (7) mountains left on the list. Wow, what a ride it’s been. We’re tired, a bit cranky and slightly bleary eyed, but remain determined. The support from all our communities (friends, hikers, family and school) has been outstanding and membership and followers on this site and on Facebook continue to rise. We appreciate that and couldn’t do this without you! Keep it up, it means a lot.

We have some exciting announcements regarding our finish date, and our first presentation coming soon. We’ll let you all know just as soon as the dates, times, etc. are nailed down. Until then, please continue to spread the word. Any mention on your own Facebook pages or blogs would mean so much to us.

I just wanted to share one interesting bit of trivia with you all. I did a little math yesterday (yes, I CAN do math!) because I was curious how many miles Janelle and I have hiked so far in this quest. Remember, we’ve hiked 41 mountains thus far over the course of 11 months.

Let’s make a contest out of it. Whoever guesses the closest to our total miles hiked so far will win a picture of your choice that we’ve published on this site. We’ll even sign it for you! Hint: If you are really ambitious, remember that we’ve documented our actual miles in our excerpts from nearly all our hikes so far!

So, make your guess in the comments section and we’ll announce a winner on Monday at noon. We’ll need at least 10 guesses to make a contest out of it. Sound good? Good luck and keep hiking!


B & TC

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4 thoughts on “Guess our miles and win fabulous prizes!

  1. Nancy

    Ok, I’ll be first … ummm … well, I could go back through the posts, but, shoot, I’m just going to guess. I’ll say 85.9 miles!
    And I know you will be, but, please be safe this weekend! Will be thinking of you, hoping & praying for successful, weird-weather-free hikes!

  2. Aunt Margie

    Make sure you wear your long underwear! The wind up on those mountain can go right thru you. Hope Janelle has all her cold weather gear. If not let me know. Do you need to tie yourselves together?
    Waiting to hear your report on Monday. Give my love to Janells.

  3. Wendy Burton

    I’ll go with 225 🙂

  4. Stephanie

    Hmmmm…I will guess 300?! Either way I hope you two are having a blast and I can’t wait to here more about the recent adventures 🙂

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