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Reflections on our final weekend, and a chance to meet Buffalo and Tough Cookie

Meet Buffalo and Tough Cookie at the Woman’s Club of Concord on Tuesday, Nov. 13 from 5:30-7pm!

This weekend has been over a year in the making. If weather and determination hold, Janelle and I will scale the final three mountains on our list. We hope to complete this journey in 1 year and 6 days.

On Sunday, as we close this amazing chapter in our lives by summitting Mt. Starr King, we will continue down the ridge and tag Mt. Waumbek as well, a 4,000 footer. In this way, one voyage will end and, perhaps, another will begin.

But first, tomorrow, Janelle and I will set off on our final hike together, a 9 mile trip that will take us up and over Square Ledge and Mt. Hibbard.

With three summits remaining, it’s too early right now to be able to adequately express my feelings as the girl and I face down our final hike. So, I’ll leave that for another time. For now, on Saturday, we will march together, alone, one last time as partners and friends on this journey that has changed us both.

As we set off north tonight to complete our quest, I leave you with a slide show with music that I hope encapsulates some of the wonder of this past year. You can watch it here: The Two of Us


EVENT NEWS: Join us on Tuesday, Nov. 13 from 5:30-7 at the Woman’s Club of Concord where Buffalo and Tough Cookie will give a presentation about our journey over the 52 With a View.

Here’s the address: Chamberlin House, 44 Pleasant St., Concord NH 03301

This event is free and open to the public. We’ll give a talk, have a slide show, answer questions and there are sure to be some surprises as well! The Woman’s Club will offer some “trail snacks” for food.

Finally, if you’re a subscriber to this website, you’ll get a FREE power bar just for stopping by and saying so!  Janelle and I would love to see you there, and thank you personally for your support and well wishes. Please stop by for an informal evening of fun and friendship.

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Penultimate weekend will mark one year on our journey

Buffalo and Tough Cookie have come a long way since reaching the top of our first 52’er, Mt. Kearsarge on Nov. 5, 2011.

This weekend (Monday, Nov. 5 actually) will mark the one year anniversary of the beginning of our quest for the 52. On Nov. 5, 2011 we climbed Mt. Kearsarge and so began a pilgrimage and project that, though we didn’t know it at the time, would change both our lives.

Later, as it became clear that the 52 list would be our goal, we set out to try to finish the journey in one year’s time. Well, we’ll miss that goal, but not by much. If weather cooperates and our strength holds up, we’ll finish the 52 on Sunday, Nov. 11. Not bad. But before we start celebrating, Janelle and I have one more long, challenging weekend ahead of us.

In the next four days, we hope to tag six of the remaining seven summits, including a monster day tomorrow where we’re planning a ginormous loop over Paugus, Square Ledge and Hibbard. Can we do this? We think so. As we have for the past year, our planning is airtight, we’re trained and eager and we love big miles like this. But the weather…. well, there is some uncertainty as to the weather over the course of the next few days, and it’s difficult to tell if Sandy damaged the trails or roads. We’ll have to just get up there and find out.

A beat Tough Cookie at the bottom of Mt. Kearsage one year ago, after only a two mile hike. Last weekend, Janelle hiked nearly 18 miles in two days.

But Buffalo and Tough Cookie have faced down rough days before. We’ve hiked in sleet, rain, wind and humidity. We’ve faced darkness together in the evening and darkness in the morning. Blisters? Check. Bruises? Check. We’ve fallen in the river and sunk into the mud. There’s been blood and there’s been tears.

But with every summit, as we stand together up there and high-five, we get stronger. The hikes feed us now, a sustenance as important to our souls as food is to our bodies. And we feed off your support as well, reading, laughing and celebrating each and every wish of good luck, support and enthusiasm that you have all shown.

So, we’ll set off once again, tomorrow at 5 a.m., through the darkness, to find our mountain, our penultimate weekend and ourselves. As long as I have a signal, I’ll try to keep our Facebook page updated. If you’re not a member over there, please sign up for updates.

Have good cheer my friends. The hills await and the girl and I are off for one final grand weekend.

Here we go!

B & TC

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