Adventure is what we make it

I am lost. Fortunately, Janelle has been here before. I knew the day would come when I’d need to depend on her for our safety, to get us out.

If she’s not up to the task, if she breaks down or takes a wrong turn, we’re cooked. But despite the long day, and the heavy task ahead, she is sure of foot, weaving deftly to avoid the worst obstacles. It’s familiar turf for her.

I can only follow. “But I thought the parmesan was with the rest of the cheeses,” I say, hopelessly.

“No, it’s by the deli. The other cheeses are there.”

“The deli! Oh no, how do we get there?” I ask, desperate to make myself heard over the din of carts. It’s December, and the shoppers crowd around us. They all talk at the same time, background static jumbling my nerves, and my patience. We’ve been in snowstorms, thunder rain, ice and sweltering heat. We’ve hiked dozes of miles. But this. This is madness!

“It’s ok,” she says. “This way. I’ll lead you.”

And she does.

Tough Cookie boldly leads through the terror of the grocery store.

Tough Cookie boldly leads through the terror of the grocery store.

A job well done, we make our way out of the chaos!

A job well done, Tough Cookie make her way out of the chaos!

Fine, not all adventures are in the mountains. But after being apart for weeks, Janelle and I found ourselves with some “us” time after the Santa Shuffle on Saturday and decided to, you guessed it, grocery shop! Hey, we’ll take adventure anywhere we can get it!

As promised, we wanted to have a little contest for our readers and subscribers. So, let’s try the miles guessing game again. Guess how many miles Janelle and I hiked over the course of the 52 With a View and we’ll send you a card and signed photo of thanks. Plus, we’ll put your name into a drawing for a signed, reader’s copy of the book!

Just type your guess into the comments section below and we’ll announce the winner on Tuesday morning when our next excerpt drops. It’s that easy.

Until then, keep hiking your own hike my friends, even if it’s to the grocery store!

B & TC

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8 thoughts on “Adventure is what we make it

  1. Nancy

    Love the hat, girl!!! 😉
    I’m with you, Dan .. give me ANYthing but grocery shopping!!! May I borrow the girl again? I need her & the boy here….
    Oh. Miles? 212.

  2. Melissa

    I think you’ve hiked about 230 miles! Hope you are able to get back on the trails soon 🙂

  3. Bobby Blanchard

    I’d have to guess 234.5

  4. Cristy Rice

    I would say about 242 miles hiked

  5. Margaret Bobalek King

    I’d guess 654 miles hiked – Margaret Bobalek King

  6. Margaret Bobalek King

    It said my comment is awaiting moderation, so I will moderte it and say 254 miles hiked – Margaret Bobalek King

  7. I think it was 255 miles hiked.

  8. Thank you all for your guesses! We have a winner, check out the latest post above and see if you won!

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