Looking ahead for Buffalo and Tough Cookie

While digging through some photos for the book, we came across this one from our hike to Imp Face and thought we'd share. And yes, it's raining!

While digging through some photos for the book, we came across this one from our hike to Imp Face and thought we’d share. And yes, it’s raining!

With the 52 behind us and holiday craziness in the rear view mirror, we are planning for a great winter of urban exploring and some White Mountain hikes as well. In fact, tomorrow Buffalo and Tough Cookie will head off to (as yet) parts unknown for some kind of exploration. We just need to get outside and we’re not sure where that will be quite yet.

We also wanted to shout out a big hello and THANK YOU to a fan, Teri, for donating a great pair of Keen hiking boots to Janelle! They are a size seven, which at the rate the kid’s feet are growing, she ought to be able to put into use by summer. We are thrilled and humbled that Teri thought of us and we promise to use those boots till they fall apart on the kid’s feet. For that act of kindness, we’ll enter Teri into a drawing for a free, signed copy of The Adventures of Buffalo and Tough Cookie. Thanks again, Teri!

In other news, starting next week, we’ll bring a popular feature from our original website over here for our new fans to enjoy. Since ekpadventures.com went on hiatus to focus on B&TC, the one feature we’ve consistently been asked to reprise is our series on Bizarre Snacks. Adventures come in all shapes and forms, and since both Janelle and Aaron are eager participants in our journey through some of the strange and eclectic food and drinks we often imbibe and consume, we thought we bring Bizarre Snacks here and run it as an occational feature for our new fans. We’ll have a brand, spanking new Bizarre Snacks, right here, next week. So stay tuned. In the meantime, follow this link to EKP for some examples of popular past, Bizarre Snack posts.

If anyone knows of any Bizarre Snacks available in the New England area, let us know. We’ll eat them for you so you don’t have to. Then, if we survive, we’ll write about it!

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2 thoughts on “Looking ahead for Buffalo and Tough Cookie

  1. Dan, you know I’m a fan and bizarre snacks are cool, but I want the ‘Wordless Wednesday’ to make a come back! Lol.

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