Today’s the day, hope to see you there!

Buffalo and Tough Cookie are hitting the road!

Buffalo and Tough Cookie are hitting the road!

Well, here we are! Today, Buffalo and Tough Cookie will officially kick off our pre-release tour with an event and dinner at Girls Inc. in Concord. We’ve already has such a warm reception last fall at the Woman’s Club of Concord and on the radio with Rob and Dave at The Granite State of Mind.

Today’s event will include a free dinner courtesy of the amazing folks at Girls Inc. who have been incredibly kind and generous to us. We hope you’ll all come. We’ll have a slide show, reading from the upcoming book and Janelle will talk about the 10 Hiking Essentials! The event will take place at Green Community Center, 39 Green Street, Concord, NH. It starts at 5:30 and we’ll go until 7-7:30. And of course, it’s FREE! You can check out the invite below for more information.

4by6_girlsinc_buff-toughWe’re just beside ourselves with excitement about tonight, hopefully we’ll be able to be coherent and make sense! Hiking through rain and sleet and mud and sub-zero temps, that’s easy compared to this. Maybe we’ll just take you all out for a hike!

Well, we best get used to it. We’ve had a humbling response from organizations and media interested in our story. In the days ahead, we’ll be announcing several new events and stories coming out. I don’t want to name names until things are solidified, but we can say that a big story is coming out in the Nashua Telegraph soon, and two other big events will be happening in Concord and Manchester. And that’s all BEFORE the book even comes out! Yike!

Anyway, we’re approaching this like we tackle our hikes; be prepared, stay calm and take it one step at a time. Oh, and enjoy the ride!

We hope you’ve all enjoyed our adventures and now it’s time to take this project to you in person. We so hope to see you tonight, and if not tonight then some time in the next few months as Janelle and I take this circus on the road.

Here we go. Ready? The best is certainly yet to come!

Thank you all,

Dan and Janelle

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