Girls Inc. Concord brings down the house for us, we begin our tour with a joyous welcome!

The girls of Girls Inc made Janelle a card and an honorary member. Thank you!

The girls of Girls Inc made Janelle a card and an honorary member. Thank you!

Wow! Nothing like three dozen girls between the ages of 7 and 12 to keep you on your toes. Girls Inc. Concord rocked last night, literally.

Janelle and I were welcomed with a loud and enthusiastic crowd of Girls Inc girls with a bunch adults sprinkled into the craziness who likely woke up this morning not knowing what hit them! We gave a little reading, played some games, tried to give every one of those soon-to-be hard-core hiker girls a trail-name (Awesomeness is still my favorite) and showed some slides from our adventure. We ate meatballs and pasta salad and beans and way more food than I can even remember, generously provided by Girls Inc.

It was edge of our seat all the way, and we loved it! Big thanks to Karen, Jessica and Ashley from Girls Inc for being such great supporters, and thank you Awesomeness, Big Rock, Bear Hunter, Slow Poke and all the other girls for making a card for Janelle and making her an honorary member. Sweet!

Big crowd, lots of kids! We loved it!

Big crowd, lots of kids! We loved it!

Friends, our heads are still spinning (and ears ringing) from such a wonderful beginning to this new chapter in our adventure. We had the chance to meet with many of our fans who we’ve only known digitally, and knowing you all in person is much nicer! I only wish I had more time to spend with each of you.

Also, shout out to Janelle’s teachers who came and brought her flowers. That was very kind!

In the days and weeks and months ahead, we’ll be on the road in all sorts of venues, from libraries to bookstores to churches to back to Girls Inc where we’re working on arranging an actual hike trip! This has been Janelle’s dream, her specific request to bring her story of the outdoors to other girls and kids her age. That made this first step very special to us.

So, onward we go! Stay tuned for more information and updates here or join our Facebook page or Twitter feed for more instant gratification. Buffalo and Tough Cookie are on the road and coming to a town near you (we hope)!

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4 thoughts on “Girls Inc. Concord brings down the house for us, we begin our tour with a joyous welcome!

  1. Nancy

    VERY cool!!!! Love the girls creating trail names for themselves – great way to involve them in your adventure!

  2. Jacqueline Verville

    Thanks for the great night out! Loved hearing parts of the Adventure and really look forward to reading the book itself. Congratulations to Buffolo and Tough Cookie!!!!! Sr. Jacqueline

  3. Scott R.

    My trail name is Crazy Legs! Hike with me and you’ll see why (mostly on the way down), lol. Glad to hear the event was a success! Dan, I do know the REI stores have hosted authors at some locations, should give them a call..

  4. Aunt Margie

    Congradulations to both of you on your triumph at the Girls Inc. Your real triumph is not the book but the connection made to the other young girls and planning a trip together. You both are awesome.

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