To be a tourist, one must tour…

Sometimes it's about the hike. Sometimes, it's about the fort.

Sometimes it’s about the hike. Sometimes, it’s about the fort.

… and so, tour we did.

This weekend, under bright blue skies fit for the finest of above tree-line hiking, we shunned the trails and made like tourists. With temps in the 40s, we took the twins up north for a weekend of shopping, eating, fort building, star-gazing and general laziness. And you know what, it felt pretty good!

And that’s it. Nothing else to report today, no grand adventure besides the joy and happy triumph of being with each other in the mountains on a warm weekend that felt like spring.

Some book updates: The book edits came back from the publisher over the weekend and they look pretty manageable. Looks like the book will include not just trail information about our own hikes, but a wide variety of info on trails and history of each of the 52. Very cool! Also, it appears that there will be many more photos than we originally had anticipated. Also, great!

The timing of the book drop still appears to be on schedule for sometime in the second half of May. We’re currently negotiating for a couple more events prior to the drop, and then a whole host of readings and presentations after. Stay tuned!

Meantime, we were pleasantly surprised to find ourselves monopolizing the Sunday Magazine section of the Nashua Telegraph yesterday with a wonderful and kind feature penned by reporter Teresa Santoski. We’ve been humbled by the amount of interest the media has shown toward our adventure and were thrilled beyond words to see this story appear. Teresa really captured Janelle’s feisty spirit. Please give it a read and let Teresa know how you feel as well.

Here’s the link: Love of hiking bonds pair, spurs book

As always, thanks for digging what we’re doing. Spring is in the air and Janelle and I are itching to get our feet back on the trail soon. So, the countdown has begun. Onward we go!

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2 thoughts on “To be a tourist, one must tour…

  1. Nancy

    Sounds like pure heaven to me! Everyone needs a recharge from time to time – glad yours was a success!

  2. Thanks Nancy!

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