Updates, events and more… Buffalo and Tough Cookie are once again hitting the road!

Little climber, big views near the summit of Mt. Chocorua.

Little climber, big views near the summit of Mt. Chocorua.

Things are happening fast now as we approach the two month count-down to the release of the book! Here’s some updates.

Edits done: The final edits are complete and the book is moving on to the design stage. An extra bit of good news is that it looks like there will be more photos included than we originally thought, which we think will be a great addition. Also, it appears that readers will have the ability to pre-order the book in mid-April. That’s only two weeks away, wow!

Events: On April 21, Buffalo and Tough Cookie have been invited to St. Paul’s Church in Concord, NH to give an Earth Day presentation. We’re thrilled to bring our story of outdoor celebration to the folks at St. Paul’s. And even though the event will be specifically for congregants at the church, we’ll have some open invites to give to friends and followers. Details are still being worked out and we’ll let you know as soon as we’re ready to go.

More events: The interest in the book and in us (even though I’m certain people are much more interested in Janelle than myself!) has been heartening. The result will be a series of talks and events and it appears they will be happening all over New England! Keep your eye on this site or our Facebook page for details as they happen. Suffice to say that we are going to be road tripping all over New Hampshire, Mass. and Conn. and that’s just the beginning. Hope we find some time to hike in there!

More Dan related news: I’m working on some Kindle-exclusive fiction that will be online and ready to download by the time the book is released. There may also be some extra Buffalo and Tough Cookie trail reports as a special little tidbit for our fans. All I have to do is get good enough at html to make it all happen, but it’s looking good so far!

Hiking: In all the excitement leading up to the release, Janelle and I have had pathetically little time to get out there and do what we love, what this is all about to begin with: hike. We hope to change that in the next few weeks and have some jaunts in our sights. All marketing and no play make Buffalo and Tough Cookie very agitated!

Here we go! Stay with us, it’s getting awfully exciting!

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11 thoughts on “Updates, events and more… Buffalo and Tough Cookie are once again hitting the road!

  1. Nancy

    GREAT news!! Well, except for the no hiking part … I know you both are missing it.
    I’d offer to help with the html but I know that proverbial ‘just enough to be dangerous’ – lol!! Good luck!

  2. Aunt Margie

    You will both be famous and we will be seein you on Good Morning America soon. Love to you both.

  3. Scott R.

    No R.I. events!!!! We are the biggest little state in the union Dan & Janelle!! Lol, oh well. We’ll catch you both somewhere.

  4. Melissa

    Ooh! I really hope you do come to CT! I’d love to come out and meet you both! I’ll keep my eye on your sites πŸ™‚

  5. Melissa

    Westport is on the opposite side of the state from me. 😦 I live closer to the RI border. May have to make the trip out that way though!

    • Well it looks like we have plenty of fans out your way and around R.I. Melissa, we are going to look for a place down there that will have us!

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