Running for Girls Inc, one of our favorite organizations!

IMG_3226First, yes, that is what you think it is. We have t-shirts! But, they are only prototypes for the time being. We’re still tweaking the design. We’re thinking of doing the logo a little bigger and eliminating the white background. Stay tuned for more swag updates!

On Saturday, Buffalo and Tough Cookie were back in Concord to join about a hundred other, mostly enthusiastic girls, for the annual Girls Inc. 5k spring race. As you might recall, Girls Inc. took a liking to Janelle at our event in March and made her an honorary Girls Inc girl. Well, we had two goals for Saturday’s race, to beat our 5k time from the previous week and to meet up with all the new friends we made at Girls Inc.

And we did both! Janelle finished at 36:00, more than 90 seconds faster than our last race. That has led us to create two new goals for this year’s running.

We are going to train Janelle up to run a 10k. And we’re going to finish a 5k in under 30 minutes. We can do it!

Meantime, we’re looking forward to spring and hope to find some time to hike in between all the book events that it looks like we’ll be having. We’re not quite ready to announce a book drop date and much tour info yet, but soon. Very soon!

Hope you are all as excited about spring and warm weather as we are. Buffalo and Tough Cookie keep on rolling, and we can’t wait to see what’s around the corner!

Heading out

Heading out

Capt. Chaos works the finish line

Capt. Chaos works the finish line

Coming in hot!

Coming in hot!

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