Running goals for 2013 and progress

Getting ready to run on a hot day in Concord.

Getting ready to run on a hot day in Concord.

One of Janelle’s running goals this season is to finish a 5k in under 30 minutes. Her best time last year was just under 35:00 so shaving 5 minutes off that time is an ambitious project.

So far this year, we’ve run three 5ks. After yesterday’s Rock n’ Roll run I think we’ve found a benchmark of where she’s at this season. (FYI, we are running as partners this seasons so our finish times are about the same.)

Here’s the finish number thus far:

Nashua Soup Kitchen run: 37:48

Girls Inc run: 36:00

Concord Rock n’ Roll run: 36:22

That may look daunting, but there’s some trending positives which lead me to believe she’s on the right path for a pre-30 min. race by the end of the season. First, at the Nashua race she ran a sub-10 minute first mile. That was way too fast of a start and it dragged her down the rest of the race. So, for the Girls Inc. run, we worked on pacing and focusing on maintaining a reasonable rhythm. And as you can see, the results were good.

So, what happened in yesterday’s race? Well, it was hot and it’s a hilly course. But digging into the numbers shows some positive trends. First, she ran the first two full miles without resting, nearly 23 minutes. Her pace for those first two miles was a steady 11:30. So, it’s clear that if she was able to maintain that pace for the final mile she could have finished in around 35-35:30.

It seems as though the issue right now is endurance. Her head was certainly in the race yesterday and we didn’t have cramping issues until the very end.

One interesting stat from yesterday’s race was how well she did within her own age group. For 11 and unders she finish 37 out of 121!

So, our next race appears to be the Girls on the Run race on June 9. Our plan is to work on some cardio sprints to get her lung capacity up there. I think we’ll also play around with her running form a bit as she tends to drag her feet when she gets tired.

All in all a great day. While we’d both rather be hiking, it’s been fun being partners on the running course. Oh and by the way Aunt Stephanie, she loves the shoes!

Buffalo and Tough Cookie are here!

Buffalo and Tough Cookie are here!

Ms. Vachon, Janelle's 4th-grade teacher!

Ms. Vachon, Janelle’s 4th-grade teacher.

It's all about the style!

It’s all about the style!

Showing off at the State House.

Showing off at the State House.

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3 thoughts on “Running goals for 2013 and progress

  1. Nancy

    Great fitness/running plans! With Janelle’s wonderful ability to focus as she does, I’m sure she’ll meet & exceed the goals!

  2. She will do it… I know from experience, young runners get better and better… You and I Dan, we are on the other side of that curve!!!

  3. Aunt Margie

    Janelle has the determination to succeed at what ever she sets her mind to. The rest is just conditioning. I am sure she will accomplish her goals. Dan, thank you for being there with her and encouraging her every step of the way. You are amazing to have taken both Janelle and Aaron under your wing. I know the whole family thanks you. Love to all of you. Stay strong Janelle!

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