One week to go before our book drop!

Available June 12

Available June 12

Today, I held the book in my hands for the first time (an advanced copy) and all I could think was that I ought not cry in front of my publisher lest he get the wrong idea!

Getting here has been a  long, long trail friends, but in one week we’ll be able to finally bring our story to all of you. Those of you who have pre-ordered will be getting your copies soon!

There will be many more thanks to come, but it never seems like I say it enough. So, thank you for your support, encouragement and love. Please check our event schedule above.

We cannot wait to meet you all!

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4 thoughts on “One week to go before our book drop!

  1. jandmpinnaclepa@aol.comw

    hey Dan, We will need three copies. Tks, Margo

  2. Aunt Margie

    Can’t wait to get my 4 copies of the book. One for each of my children. How does it feel knowing your about to become famous? Wonderful to follow the adventures of you and Janelle. Keep them coming.

  3. Thanks Margie, you bet! As for being famous, well, my wife keeps my head from getting too big so no worries there! Haha!

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