TODAY IS LAUNCH DAY! Join us for our book release party at Gibson’s Bookstore in Concord, N.H.

A new journey begins for Buffalo and Tough Cookie

A new journey begins for Buffalo and Tough Cookie

The launch day!

I wander around the house a bit, just to make sure nothing has changed. It hasn’t. Outside, I hear the back door of Janelle and Aaron’s house slam, as the two of them meet their friends in the alley and head to school. Just like every other day.

I put a pot of water on and sit in the kitchen near the window, listening to the ker-thunk of Aaron’s basketball as he bounces it down the pavement until the sound fades, replaced by the sharp whistle of our old tea-pot. It bubbles over now, steam and hot water sneaking out from tiny thin spots near the lid. Might be time to go kettle shopping soon.

There’s a lot to do today. But I don’t have it in me right now. Today is the day we’ve waited a very long time for, a day when the story of our journey and transformation will finally be out there. Good or bad, liked or not. Today is the day.

But even though this is a dreams-are-made-of  kind of day, I’m feeling mellow and sort of unmotivated, oddly. Calm before the storm? Our summer is certainly beginning to fill up with events and presentations from so many kind and generous folks who have asked to hear our story. I’m so grateful for that.

And in many ways, today is the beginning of a new adventure for Buffalo and Tough Cookie. We’ll spend time in the car. We’ll meet new people. We’ll visit New England in a way we haven’t before. I hope there’s going to be some mountaintops in there as well!

So, for now, on launch day – on a day it feels like I have literally waited my whole life for – the best I can manage is thank you. Thank you to all our fans and supporters who kept us going, who cheered us on, who tuned in out of concern and love and encouragement. Thank you to both our families, who trusted that this quest would be empowering and life changing. Thank you to the amazing New Hampshire hiker community who we used everyday for advice and who we have come to befriend.

Thank you to Aaron, my greatest fan, who gave me to his sister without hesitation and who cheered our every step. Thank you to Meenakshi, whose patience is a super-power and who still allows me to read to her before going to sleep.

And thank you Tough Cookie, my Alice, my Dorothy. My muse.

I want to thank you all in person, and shake each of your hands. I hope I get the chance to do so. Starting today.

We will be at Gibson’s Bookstore in Concord, tonight at 7p.m. This is it. We made it. Let’s celebrate!

Gibson's for the grand kick off!

Gibson’s for the grand kick off!

B&N in Manchester on Friday!

B&N in Manchester on Friday!

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5 thoughts on “TODAY IS LAUNCH DAY! Join us for our book release party at Gibson’s Bookstore in Concord, N.H.

  1. Congratulations!!!

  2. Nancy

    Oh, I do love ‘how’ you write! I can feel the anticipation – the sameness of the day, yet the building “how will it go????” feelings. Tonight is going to ROCK!! We are all so very, very excited for all of you! Can’t wait to hear details, see pictures, all of it!
    And, Dan? From our family to you – and Meena – “thank you” just isn’t enough. Someday, I hope to be able to adequately express our gratitude to you two for opening your hearts & your home to us all, but, most especially, for doing so with Aaron & Janelle. I – we! – are so very blessed with the gift that is the 2 of you.

  3. Grandma Emma

    Dan, I am as excited as you for this day. And as Nancy has said, the words, “thank you” are just not enough to express our feelings for what you have done. Meena deserves more than “thank you” too, for her caring and unselfish sharing of you. I/we will be waiting to hear how today goes……knowing that it will be great.

    Grandma Emma

  4. Aunt Margie

    We here in Ohio are waiting just as anxiously for the two of you to celebrate tonight. You have made a special place in our hearts and family. I don’t know of anyone else who would have done what you have. I am sure you have filled a void for not only Janelle and Aaron but the rest of us. I thank God for the wonderful man and your woman your wife that the two of you are. You deserve the acknowledgement that will come your way. Looking forward to seeing you on Good Morning America!!!!
    Love to all. Margie

  5. Congratulations Dan. Unfortunatly I can not be there. Concord is too far from Montreal because I have to work tomorrow.

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