A mini social media drive today. We’d love for you all to be part of our story!

Dan and Janelle sign books at a recent house party given by our good friend Neil Lovett.

Dan and Janelle sign books at a recent house party given by our good friend Neil Lovett.

On Saturday, the family will head to a BBQ in Andover. Buffalo and Tough Cookie have been invited to speak to the Ragged Mountain Fish and Game Club, and the good folks over there offered us seats at their, no doubt, delicious picnic as well. We’re thrilled and honored to stop by at such events, and the next few months will be full of them.

Meantime, we search for a day where we can actually hike. And it looks like that will be next week, stay tuned!

So, today, while our tour gains speed and the boiling weather keeps us near the AC, I thought I’d appeal to you, our fans, during a mini-follower drive. We’re looking for likes to our Facebook page and subscribers here to our site. Both places have become active and engaged communities thanks to your participation. If you already are part of the fun, thank you!

If not, Janelle and I would love to have you on board. There’s no spam. We don’t sell our email lists. You won’t be bombarded by junk mail.

We just like having a strong community behind us and we’re always looking for ways to grow.

FACEBOOK: If you’re not already signed on, and you use Facebook, stop over at our page and give us a like. We’ll have pictures, and nearly daily updates as to our events. And when we reach 450 followers, we’ll even give away some t-shirts and other cool things. We can’t wait to see you, follow this link and hit LIKE when you get there: Buffalo and Tough Cookie’s Facebook Page

TWITTER: Do you Tweet? Dan has an active Twitter account which he uses at events and during outings. It allows our community to chat with each other, sometimes in real time. And Dan will follow you back as well. So, Buffalo and Tough Cookie conversations can be found at #bandtc. If you’d like to subscribe to Dan’s Twitter feed, just follow this link: danjszczesny

WEBSITE: You can subscribe to this website. Just type in your email to the follower line directly to the right of this post, and you’ll get an email asking you to confirm your subscription. Click confirm and you’re in! If you are a subscriber here, every time a new post, like this one, goes up, you’ll be notified.

AMAZON: We’re excited that the book is garnering some pretty awesome reviews over at Amazon. If you’ve already read the book, we’d love to hear what you think about it, good or bad. Buffalo and Tough Cookie would be very grateful to any of our fans who take the time to write a quick review. You can check out the current reviews, and add your own, here: Amazon Reviews

Buffalo and Tough Cookie have other social media platforms as well. We have a Pinterest Board. Dan has a nifty (he thinks) AboutMe Board.

Finally, Buffalo and Tough Cookie have a straight forward, email list, used occasionally to announce a big event or fun happening. If you’d like to be on that list, just drop Dan an email at danszczesny@gmail.com. In the subject line write, “email list subscription” and you’ll be put in.

So, we’re out there, and we want to reach each and every one of you! Thanks for being a part of this, and let’s get outside!

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