Pic of the day: We’re having a contest

Hiking up Hedgehog

Hiking up Hedgehog

One year ago today, Janelle and I had just completed Hedgehog Mtn., only our 9th 52’er! So, I unearthed this nice shot from the archives of our Hedgehog hike.

Tomorrow, we head to R.I. and Conn. for meet and greets, and hikes and all sorts of fun. We’re calling it the “We hope somebody shows up” Tour! All you R.I. and Conn. fans, check out this link and come say hi. Denali Wakefield Hike and Signing

But something else occurred to me, we’re only 20 LIKES away from hitting 500 fans on Facebook, wow! So tell you all what. Help us hit 500 by Monday and we’ll have an enormous give-away drawing, 10 items! I’ll give away t-shirts, and water bottles, and packs and whatever other stuff I can dig up! So spread the word near and far, B and TC want you!

If you are not yet a Facebook fan, here’s the link. Come join us! Facebook Buffalo and Tough Cookie

See you all on Monday, keep hiking and peace.

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