A patch, a review and a new record

Our completer patch!

Our completer patch!

Good morning 52’er fans. We have a couple quick announcements today to catch everyone up on the latest and greatest Buffalo and Tough Cookie happenings!

First up, a new record! We received a wonderful note from the Over the Hill Hikers yesterday telling us that Janelle is officially the youngest hiker to complete the 52’er list. That’s 10 years, 6 months and 26 days for anyone who is keeping track! We’re thrilled by this accomplishment, but even more so look forward to finding some passionate kids (and their parents) out there who have the adventurous spirit to beat that record. Who is it gonna be?

Moving on, Janelle and I were also very honored to officially receive completer patches at our Over the Hill Hikers event in Sandwich last week.  That is a very fine group of people up in that beautiful little town. We hope to hike with them someday!

In media news, a very kind and well-considered review of the book came out Sunday, Sept. 22 in the Keene Sentinel. Reviewer Steve Sherman really took his time and put together an interesting and in-depth review. Here’s a link, have a look:  Bonding Over the Course of 52 Peaks

Finally, our friend Yvon created a very nice downloadable pdf of the 52 list. Here’s a link to that. I’ll also put a permanent link up on this home page: 52 WAV List pdf.

So, on we go! A big hello to all our new subscribers, we’re thrilled you decided to come along on this ride. We have a bunch of events in Greater Manchester coming up soon, so check out our event list above for details. There’s much more hiking to do, so let’s get out there and enjoy the fall!

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One thought on “A patch, a review and a new record

  1. Aunt Margie

    WOW!! Glad you two are getting all kudo’s. I am very proud of you both. And hope to hear more about your adventures. Love to all.

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