What’s on Buffalo and Tough Cookie’s Christmas list?

DanJanelleSilhouettes copyWell, it’s been a very fine December here at Buffalo and Tough Cookie central. There were two marvelous Author Fair Days in Gorham and Conway. Many thanks to Doug from the White Mountain Cafe and Olga from the Conway Public Library for being such wonderful supporters of the local writing scene!

There was a great Meet and Greet at Water Street Bookstore in Exeter. Big thanks to Dan for creating that wonderful space and making local authors feel so welcome.

And we had two presentations, one sponsored by the Mountain Wanderer and Lincoln Public Library and then a marvelous homecoming at Manchester City Library. Thank you Steve and Carol, and thank you Mary for making Manchester memorable.

And the biggest thank you goes out to all our fans and supporters who come out with their own stories and make us feel so welcome. We’re done with events for this year, but have a full slate getting ready for the beginning of the year. And on top of our Buffalo and Tough Cookie presentations, Dan will be giving some additional slide shows and talks on Nepal and Alaska! Stay tuned!

Finally, we had a great book give-away contest on GoodReads where over 215 readers signed up to win copies of the book! Thank you! And that’s what’s on Buffalo and Tough Cookie’s Christmas gift list. If you’ve read the book, we would be deeply grateful and thrilled if you could take a moment and rank us on GoodReads. Or even give us a review if you are so inspired. All those rankings and review both on GoodReads and on Amazon are so helpful to us! Thanks in advance!

So, we’ll take a short hiatus on this site now, to spend time with family and enjoy the upcoming holiday. We’ll remain active on Facebook, though, so stop by there for updates. And Buffalo and Tough Cookie will be back before the New Year with a look back on 2013 and a look ahead at the amazing things to come. So, Merry Christmas and happy holidays, or at least have a great couple days off. We’ll see you soon!

Dan and Janelle

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2 thoughts on “What’s on Buffalo and Tough Cookie’s Christmas list?

  1. Merry Christmas to you both, and thank you for sharing your ongoing journey.

  2. Maureen Barber

    Merry Christmas and Happy Trails!
    Maureen (Tough Cookie’s science teacher)

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