Sled hard and sled well!

The architect of Sunday's Sledding Derby gets ready for another run.

The architect of Sunday’s Sledding Derby gets ready for another run.

We planned on hiking Tecumseh Sunday, going for Janelle’s third 4,000 footer. But then, Tough Cookie informed me that instead we would pile as many people in the car as we could, haul our body boards over the Derryfield Hill and sled until our legs were sore and our faces were frozen. Only then, would the massive snowball fight ensue. After that, the enormous fort would be built and then demolished. Then more sledding. The end.

So said the girl, and so it was!

We’re going to try a different kind of link today to encourage those of you who are not yet Facebook followers to click on over there and check out the great photos we took from our Sledding Derby. And while you’re there, how about giving us a LIKE? We be ever so grateful! Check us out here: Sledding Sunday

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One thought on “Sled hard and sled well!


    Oh, what fun! Sledding in the winter is the best……and Tough Cookie really looks like she is enjoying it!


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