Warriors of the ice, and other news

The gang gets goofy at Derryfield Park!

The gang gets goofy at Derryfield Park!

Happy March friends! We are less than three weeks from spring, and working hard to get outside as much as we can before the mud arrives. I’ve been a bit distracted lately with the work and excitement of the new book coming out (The Nepal Chronicles) and have neglected this site somewhat. That, combined with Janelle’s schoolwork and other obligations have made it tough for us to really get outside and explore like we’ve wanted.

But we did manage to take the whole gang out to Derryfield Park Sunday for some hiking and sledding. We spent the whole afternoon getting our bones rattled on the very fast and slick sledding run. Like lugers only without the padding, or sled, or you know, being athletic! Several hours and many bruises, bumps and ice burns later we happily called it a day with some dumplings and curry. Not a 4,000-footer, but man we all slept well!

Just a quick note to let you know that March marks the beginning of our new touring season. Janelle and I will once again be crisscrossing New England promoting the book, getting our continuing story to our friends and fans and maybe even getting a little hiking in along the way. We have MANY events planned. Check out this link, and we’ll see you there: Dan and Janelle on the road.

Meantime, what have you all been up to? It’s been a rough, cold winter for sure. Did you get outside at all? Is everyone safe? What plans have you if summer ever arrives? Talk to us! And we’ll see you on the road!

Warriors of the ice!

Warriors of the ice!

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One thought on “Warriors of the ice, and other news

  1. Aunt Margie

    The arrival of the new book sound exciting. I am waiting to read it. Glad to see the great pictures of the crew out enjoying the snow. They look so happy it brings a big smile to my face. Love to all of you.

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