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Urban Explorations: First snowshoe of the season at Piscataquog River Park

Janelle and Meena motor down through the new snow in Piscataquog River Park.

Janelle and Meena motor through the new snow in Piscataquog River Park.

The pull of fresh, unspoiled snow was too strong to resist Sunday so Janelle, Meena and myself headed out to Piscataquog River Park for our first snowshoe of the season, and Janelle’s first snowshoe ever! The half-foot of fluffy stuff was perfect and Janelle took to the different type of hiking fairly easily. We practiced turning and hill climbs, with only a minimal amount of falling face down in the snow. Here’s a little photo essay of our hike. If you’d like to see more pictures from the day, follow this link: Piscataquog Snowshoe Hike

If you go: Piscataquog River Park is a little known jewel in Manchester’s outdoors crown, but the park is getting more popular every season. A good starting point to explore the park is West Side Arena. From there to the Merrimack River, a paved and graded trail runs about two miles through woods and backyards. Plus, side paths lead down to the Piscataquog River from various points in the park.

Janelle practicing her hill climbing.

Janelle practicing her hill climbing.

Heading park the baseball fields.

Heading past the baseball fields.

Showing off her mad snowshoe skills.

Showing off her mad snowshoe skills.


Upcoming adventures: One of our New Year’s resolutions is to improve our running and track skills.

So, with that in mind, Buffalo and Tough Cookie (along with Meena and Aaron) will start 2013 by running in the Millennium Mile in Londonderry, a one-mile downhill sprint.

The race is a great way to begin the new year and we’ve love to see you there. Come run with Buffalo and Tough Cookie on New Year’s Day. The race is free for kids 11 and under, and only $15 for adults.

Hey, it’s only a mile! You can run a mile, can’t you? We’d love to see you. Here’s a link to the website and registration area: Millennium Mile

Come run with us!


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