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#2 Welch-Dickey: Out of my league (Excerpt)

(Edit note: Today we continue with Part 2 of our recap of our first two adventures. We now have vignettes and information about all 52 With a View mountains on our site. To find information on any mountain click the 52 With a View tab above for a complete list.)


Tough Cookie uses hiking poles for the first time as she navigates open ledges. Note her school bag.

I’m startled at how many mushrooms and other fungi exist on a trail. Janelle and Aaron find all of it, every last stem and sprout.

And colored leaves.

And bugs.

And look at that weirdly shaped tree!

And what creature lives in this hole?

The boy is able to identify more flora than I am. I can’t answer their questions about simple tree identification. I’m in trouble here.

I’ve hiked to Everest Base Camp, and walked across England. I’ve climbed all 48 of New Hampshire’s 4,000-footers in 20 days. But this is different. I’m getting beaten up badly when it comes to micro-hiking. I make a mental note to begin looking this stuff up when we get back.

I consider simply calling off the hike and letting the kids run into the woods ten feet from the trailhead, and sitting down on a rock and waiting until they are done. It would be the most deeply explored 100 square feet of forest in all the White Mountains. After three hours, they would be able to write their college thesis on that patch of land.

So this is how it’s going to be?

Dickey-Welch: (11/20/11)

Height: 2,734 feet

Location: Near Waterville Valley. I-93 to Exit 28 to Route 49 to Upper Mad River Road west (for 0.7 miles) to Orris Road north (for 0.6 miles).

Our trailhead: The Welch Dickey Loop Trail, up and back.

Distance: 4.4 miles round trip.

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