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Dan Szczesny is the associate publisher of The Hippo, New Hampshire’s largest weekly newspaper, based in Manchester. An avid New England hiker and member of the AMC’s 4,000-footer club, Dan was married atop Mt. Lafayette.

He also traveled to Nepal and trekked to Everest Base Camp. Excerpts from his travelogue of the journey, “The Nepal Chronicles,” can be found online at: The Nepal Chronicles

For more of Dan’s writing, his satirical look at his Hernia injury and subsequent recovery can be found in Kindle format at The Chronicles of Hernia: The Lying Around, the Stitches and the Loose Wardrobe

You can contact Dan directly at danszczesny@gmail.com

Twitter: @danjszczesny #bandtc

Visit Dan’s personal website: DanSzczesny.com

Facebook Page: The Adventures of Buffalo and Tough Cookie

For media inquiries contact Bondcliff Books at: info@bondcliff.com

Call Bondcliff at: (603) 444-4880


3 thoughts on “About the Author / Contact

  1. Sam DePrima

    I have to ask… Who is buffalo and who is tough cookie? 😉

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